Diploma in Architectural CADD

At NEXGEN, our students get opportunity to choose from a wide variety of programs that are available in Engineering and enable them to choose the best future career prospects by being specific on their future goals. The Campus holds the privilege of being the official franchised partner for CADD Centre India, representing Kandy region to deliver Computer Aided Designing / Drafting & Manufacturing courses that provides hands on learning and training for individuals who are willing to climb up the ladder in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Construction.

Architectural CADD creates and develops designs which are used for Architectural Design and Construction. It is mainly about planning, designing & constructing buildings and other physical structures. These software applications which are used for Architectural CADD developed for architects and building professionals. The tools and features that embedded to Architecture software are specifically designed to support Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow and include its own intelligent 3D model – based Design tools. And it contains all major building elements as well as manufacture, model, cost, structure and phase information with various analysis capabilities


Course Modules AUTODESK | 3DS MAX

Introduction to 3Ds Max Interface, Primaries, Keyboard Creations
Selection Methods, Coordinating Systems
Parametric & Free Form Deformers, Poly Editing Tools, Poly Modeling, Patch Modeling
2D Modifiers, Loft, Shape Merge
X – ref, Merging Max Files, Walkthrough, Utility Tools
Free Form Deformation (FFD), Standard Lights, Photo metric Lights
Practical Systems, Environment Effects, Reactors
Advanced Rendering, Video Post, Composite Video Export File Formats



Building Information Modeling (BIM) Concepts, Revit Architecture UI
Creating & Modeling Levels & Column Grids, Adding & Modifying Walls, Doors
Creating & Modeling Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, Curtain Walls, Stairs & Railings
Loading, Adding & Modifying Component Families (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)
Creating & Managing Plan, Section, Elevation & 3D Views, Controlling Visibility of Objects
Using Dimensions, Alignments & Constraints to Control Object Positioning
Creating and Modifying Schedules, Legends, Keynotes
Creating Drawing Sheets & Working with Title Blocks, Printing & Publishing Vws & Sheets
Working with Mass Shapes for Conceptual Design & Converting Building to Components
Creating & Using In-Place Families, Creating and Modeling Parametric & Nested Families
Rendering the Model, Creating Sun & Shadow Studies and Walk through


Course Modules AUTODESK | AUTOCAD (2D+3D)

Drawing Entities
Modifying Commands
Annotating Drawings (Text & Dimensioning)
Parametric Drawing (Using Dimensional & Geometrical Constraints)
Using Layers to Effectively Organize the Drawing Entities
Assigning Object Properties through Layers
Hatching Utilities
Using Blocks, Tool Palettes & Design Centre
Increasing Productivity by the use of Dynamic Blocks, Attribute Blocks, External References,OLE, etc.
Preparing & Managing Layouts
Creating & Using Title Blocks Templates
Plotting with Plot Styles
3D Modeling (Wireframe Models, Surface Models & Solid Models)
Use of Improved User Interface Features (Workspace & Dashboard)
Solid Free – form Design (Mesh Editing)
Generating 2D Drawing from 3D Model
Producing Photo Realistic Perspective Images with Material & Lighting
Setting 3D Views & Creating Motion Patch Animation

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