Business English

Business English course has been specially designed for people whose first language is not English but it has become a necessity to have a good English knowledge to carry out their job effectively.  Students will learn how to use good English and how to avoid common errors and mistakes. Grammar is explained in a very simple way. You are shown how to develop a good writing style. You learn how to use punctuation properly, how to spell and how to develop your vocabulary. You then cover business writing and learn how to apply your new knowledge to your job /profession.

Below mentioned are the course content to be covered

  1. English Grammar
  2. Comprehension – Making sure you understand what you read
  3. Business Organization -Types of business organization
  4. Letter writing
  5. Essential Services for Companies – Based on your current designation / position
  6. Spelling
  7. Developing your writing style
  8. Other ways of communicating
  9. Punctuation
  10. Correct Expression and Word Formation
  11. Specialist Business Letters
  12. Summarizing Information
  13. Efficiency in the Office
  14. Report Writing
  15. Making Notes
  16. Preparing Agendas and the Minutes of Meetings